Open Jump Party Ultimate (Monday – Thursday) (10 am to 7 pm)

$179.00 1 hour

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Open Jump party Weekdays ultimate( Monday through Thursday ) from 10 am to 7 pm

Enjoy an open jump party for one hour and 45 minutes! With this party, you will receive each of the following.

Bring up to 12 friends! you can add more under check out
12 includes the number of people who will be jumping.

  • A party host that sets up and cleans up!
  • Colorful tablecloths, plates, forks, and napkins. (yellow, blue, red, pink or black.)
  • 2 pizzas and beverages for each jumper
  • balloons and goodies bags for each jumper and SPECIAL Gift for the Birthday Boy/ Girl

This party is NOT private. Keep in mind that there may be other children there to enjoy open jump.
You will receive an hour in our jumping area and 45 minutes in the private party room. Guests are more than welcome to jump after your party time is over.

You can add additional party room time for an extra cost. Please call our office for more information. 940-730-5819

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